AIDS Survivor, Twana Lawler Inspires Hundreds of Women and Men by Sharing Her Story of Triumph over Tragedy

Atlanta, GA – January 12, 2021 – AIDS survivor and motivational speaker, Twana Lawler has a profound story that heals hurting hearts. She is also a screenwriter, playwright, poet, songwriter and author who creates riveting truths about love, life and relationships. Although her plays and movies are fictional, they mirror the trials she has overcome in real life. She has firsthand experience with abuse, addiction, domestic violence, suicide and sexual assault. Her mission is to reach the masses with her message of triumph over adversity.

“Conveying information to one's ears, mind, heart and soul equates to healing,” explains Lawler. “I speak to help the hurting heart that is longing to heal from that which is not real. All of these things are unbelievable for one person to endure,” she continues. “The hurt, the pain, the disease, the abuse, the rapes, my children being kidnapped. It was once real because everything was still there, but now it's not real because I have healed.”


Despite insurmountable odds, the Kentucky native who was once a teen wife and mother, has touched hundreds of men and women with her resilience. After a period of time when alcoholism and partying consumed her, she committed her life to God. In 2000, she became celibate, yet in 2010 she faced another battle when she discovered she was HIV positive.

Her diagnosis progressed to full blown AIDS in 2013, while she also suffered from dementia and depression. Medical officials gave her two weeks to live, but since 2014, Lawler’s AIDS status has been undetectable. Currently, three of her films — Who Did I Marry, God’s Precious Jewels and When A Woman’s Fed Up — are available on Amazon Prime. Her gospel stage play, Love Happened By Chance was done in New York City. Lawler’s faith along with therapy, and the care and support from her daughters, motivates her to persevere.

Twana Lawler is eager to use her gifts to heal by sharing the candid details of her insightful story. She is available to appear on TV and radio shows, at empowerment events and more. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


About Twana Lawler

Twana Lawler is a multitalented messenger whose areas of expertise include speaking, writing, and inventing. Her work is featured across various mediums such as movies, plays, books and online articles. Her movies feature Hollywood heavyweights such as Robin Givens, Paula Jai Parker, Terri J. Vaughn, Tyrin Turner and Tommy Ford. To learn more visit