Liberty is fighting the battles of her past. Will she win?

REMNANTS OF ABUSE is a true story but out of publication DTBD



Charlotte had a revelation after reading 1st Peter 2:9 and she gave her life totally to the Lord. She was obedient to God’s word and reaped her deservedly blessings. Charlotte wanted her friend Tracy to feel the shalom of God, but Tracy chose the life of turmoil, deceit and strife. Charlotte wanted her friend to see how happy she would be after God brings her from darkness into his marvelous light. Eventually Tracy decides to give her life to the Lord, but the devil was always lurking around some dark corner. Until Tracy completely was honest with God, herself, and her family she would not feel the peace, the love, the joy, and the closeness of the Lord.

Twana Lawler is the maternal grandmother of eight grandchildren. Five of those grandchildren Twana had custody of due to abuse and neglect. Twana shares the difficulty and struggle it has been and is to take care of abused and neglected children. Twana sadly had to send one of her granddaughter's back to Kentucky from California due to her acting out sexually, mentally and physically against the younger children in the home and children outside of the home. After four years of therapy and being placed in a residential center her granddaughter continued to demonstrate the same behavior, but now at a more higher and more manipulative level. Her granddaughter even went as far as to advise her little brother to murder Twana and one of her Aunt's who assist Twana with the children. PROCEEDS FROM THE BOOK WILL GO TOWARD THE FIGHT AGAINST CHILD ABUSE!